SO I have watch this drama already a while back and i forgot/couldnt find the time to wrtie a review about it. But i did post my favorties songs from this drama, so i guess you guys could see what is was about a little i think.
Anyways to the review. This dram was kind of bitter-sweet for me, and i dont want to tell you why because i would ruin the entire drama for you. I have to say that i loved every moment of it because this korean drama was FULL OF PRETTY, CUTE, HANDSOME, COOL FLOWER BOYS throughout the entire show. Lol. I love shows that have songs in it because i think those songs are always super cute and it makes you want to look them up download it and place it as your ringtone [okay, that's just me] well... all the characters were amazing the storyline was pretty well done, but the end i was a little unhappy with it BUT i cant say that it was bad or that i didnt like it because THAT WOULD BE LYING and i dont feel like doing so hehe~ i would have preferred a different ending but we will have to stick with the one it has. I do recommend this drama to everyone who hasn't seen it yet because you will enjoy it and YOU WILL FALL FOR AT LEAST ONE OF THE FLOWER BOYS in this drama ㅋㅋㅋㅋ. 
Here is the website in where i watched this show: http://www.hulu.com/shut-up-and-lets-go

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